Mirror Wrap System

It’s easy to think that since all of the dominant features such as flooring and showers have been updated, decorating your bathroom is completed. One thing that typically goes overlooked are the large mirrors over your vanity. Framing your mirror with a mirror wrap solution could be the bow that ties your bathroom decor together. We bring mirror frame samples to your home to showcase them in your lighting and decor. Call Entrypoint By Perry's and transform a bare mirror into one worthy of your reflection.

Custom Frames

Adding a custom frame to your mirror can not only contribute to the decor, but it can also hide desilvering that takes place at the base of a bare mirror. Desilvering occurs over time as water begins to seep behind the mirror. This dulls the mirror leaving a dark, jagged pattern along the bottom edge. Framing the mirror with a mirror wrap is a affordable way to add beauty while masking imperfection.

Entrypoint By Perry's can help you find the right frame to compliment your fixtures as well as taking in account the other elements of the room. With over 75 options to choose from, adding a frame to your existing mirror can give your bathroom a finished look in 15 mins or less.